garden decor ideas

Tue Jun 9 15:45:00 2009 Whether it s a big company party or a wedding reception, there are certain dos and don t when it comes to setting up reception tables. You may have seen reception rooms and know that they seem to be able to fit a lot of people into a room, but as you make you re measurements, you may be asking yourself how far apart should tables be set up at a reception? Does your child have a bed with a storage compartment underneath? These are quite common today and they can be used for many different purposes. Some people store clothes that are out of season to make more closet space. Some store toys and other items but there is a unique way for you to make good use of this storage area. You can make a treasure chest in your child s storage bed.

Decorating with today s home office furniture can be a very rewarding experience. Like it or not, the types of pieces you put together for your workspace display says quite a bit about who you are. Are you getting ready to paint your white wall? Discover quick tips for choosing the right paint color for your rooms, and how to finish off the design with a smart area rug!

Let your kids have a say in how their bedrooms are decorated. Give them choices, and guide them along the way. Think how empowered your kids will feel knowing that they got to choose how to decorate their own rooms! Consider an indoor house plant if you are looking for different ways to enhance the ambiance of a room. Plants adding a sense of life to a room, enhancing the color and texture. They can be very versatile, are inexpensive and can be placed anywhere in your home for best effect.